Craft, Originality & Iconic.

Packaging Source is a manufacturer and supplier of bespoke packaging products which focuses on creating iconic brand personalities and designs. Over past decades, our combination of brand strategy, design and manufacturing experience has shaped the success of many brands globally.

Packaging Source remains independent, treasuring its freedom and autonomy. Commitment to entrepreneurship, curiosity and adventure allows us to make decisions for the primary benefit of our core stakeholders: our clients.

We design packaging products to engage human feelings.


  • Entrepreneurship: We cherish entrepreneurial spirit and decentralised management style. We value our employees and contrarian thinking in order to create innovative products.
  • People: Our goal is to recruit, develop, motivate, keep safe and retain our employees.
  • Environment: We are committed to going above and beyond to ensure that all of our processes are as environmentally-friendly as possible.

Our vision is to be recognised as the most successful paper and plastic based packaging company in selected market sectors.

  • Act for general good of the communities in which we are privileged to operate.
  • Provide the safest possible natural environment, a sense of identify and rewarding career opportunities for our employees.
  • Generate the highest level of satisfaction to customers.

Packaging Source strives to be a customer oriented company where the satisfaction for customers, development of employees, respect for local communities and respecting the environment are seen as being inseparable from the aim of creating value for our customers.

It’s important to us to do the right thing by each other and our customers.