Packaging Consultancy

We offer a wide range of products, it is just to matter of finding the ones to differentiate your business from others. Let`s put our heads together and think outside the box.

Made to Measure

We want your products to be a cut above the rest. If you choose to avoid generic sizes and designs our experienced team can help…


Our talented design team can visit you to create exciting and eye-catching graphics that will set your business apart from others.

Manufacturing & Quality Control

Using the industries latest technologies, Packaging Source guarantees high standards throughout the production process. In order to achieve flawless results finished goods are selected at random and tested using rigorous quality control methods.

Transportation and Storage

Packaging Source holds full responsibility for your goods until they arrive at your door. Customers have the option to store their products in our warehouses if they have limited storage space. We can replenish your in-house stock as quick as a flash!

After Sales

We are aware of how your feedback is important in order to keep and enhance our #1 position in the market. We are passionate about the quality of our products and pride ourselves on delivering that quality.

We can help you in any project



Our Proven Process Produces Results


Based on our past experiences, Packaging Source strongly believes that all successful co-operations begin with face to face meetings. We listen to our customers carefully to fully understand their needs and demands in order to offer the best solutions.


At Packaging Source, you will be assigned a professional planning team who will take care of your project at every stage of the supply chain. We aim to manufacture perfect products as well as serving our customers at the best level and provide 100% customer satisfaction.


We produce goods in our factories using high quality raw materials sourced at reasonable prices.
With our latest technology, Packaging Source guarantees high standard production, continuity and flawless finished products.


We offer your goods in a timely manner. We package our products efficiently ready for loading to make the whole logistics process seamless.
At Packaging Source, we can deliver your quality goods efficiently and promptly with best possible lead times.